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Form 10 erupted from the hot mess that 90’s rock and grunge left, that lay dormant in the fiery depths of time well into the new millennium, surfacing decades later after undergoing metamorphosis, that welded into a haunting sculpture of melodic, steamy hot, pant load of indie-punk rock.

Slashing and cleaving their path out of the spoils of white suburbia, ranty misfits, Greg and Aaron, braved the streets of Clareview through thick and thin, crafting their ninja skills into a fine machine that would later lay the foundation for the raw, gripping riffs and voice that Form 10 would be known for. It wouldn’t be until years later that these two, two of CV’s finest, eventually forged their paths once again after stumbling across the icy fjords of the mighty North Saskatchewan, together making their home in Old Campbell Town to where they were joined by CJ Beats and Rich K-Menkah, to bring a driving rhythm to the working class lyrics and melodies to complete their musical montage.

Form 10 blends together influences including Bad Religion, Rise Against, Social Distortion, Weezer, the Pixies, Blink 182 and Sum 41 to give you a modern sound reminiscent to The Used, Thrice, and Story of the Year.

Aaron and Greg took their band name Form 10 from their experiences working with emergency services. “Without music, we are all lost and through music we can help support each other by finding a greater inner peace in one another.” says Aaron. “It brings a sense of unity to all of those it encompasses.” Their aim is to bring comfort and remedy through the sounds of their encouraging music to those who are troubled by the daily afflictions of modern society.

Form 10 will continue to gig across Alberta and Western Canada and are full speed ahead towards a rocking future!

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