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Alt-Punk from Edmonton, AB



Form 10 erupted from the hot mess that 90’s rock and grunge, that l lay dormant in the fiery depths of time well into the new millennium. Surfacing decades later after undergoing metamorphosis, the band has welded together their diverse array of influences into a punk-tinged spin on indie-rock.

Slashing and cleaving their path out of the spoils of white suburbia, angsty misfits Greg and Aaron braved the streets of Clareview through thick and thin; crafting their ninja skills into a fine machine that would later lay the foundation for the raw, gripping riffs and voice that Form 10 would be known for. It wouldn’t be until years later that these two of CV’s finest would reunite under a banner of music. They would eventually be joined by drummer CJ Beats, guitarist Sean Delman, and bassist R-K-Menkah, who together would contribute the essential conglomerates of rhythm that would complement the working-class lyrics and melodies to complete Form 10’s musical montage.

Priding themselves as Edmonton’s musical mental health champions, the name Form 10 is a way express their passion for the cause, gained from first-hand experience as well as observations from member careers as first responders and emergency medical aid providers.  “Without music, we are all lost,” states guitarist Aaron Taylor. “Through music, we can help support each other and find a greater inner peace in one another.”

Form 10’s debut EP “Lost But Feeling Alright” and single “Cold Dead Heart” is available for streaming and download on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Google Play Music



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